Venezuela vs Peru

Venezuela – Peru: Brazil will face Saturday (June 15th) in their first Copa America 2019. Peru, twice South American champions, have not won the championship since 1975. The 23-man team includes top scorer Paulo. Guerrero, who returned in …

Venezuela and Peru will face Saturday (June 15th) in Brazil in their first 2019 America Cup match.

Peru, a South American champion twice, has not won the championship since 1975. The 23-man team includes top scorer Paulo Guerrero, who returned in April after spending a doping ban. Guerrero is the best scorer in the history of Peru with 35 points in 93 games.

Meanwhile, Venezuela beat the United States 3-0, after defeating Mexico and Ecuador. The team never won the Copa America

Time: 3 pm ET

The Copa America, one of the oldest in the world, will kick off this year. You can follow your teams from the group stage to the final. Some of the best players in the world will play in the trophy, so do not want to miss the opportunity.

Venezuela and Peru are entering the game, looking to capitalize on their last game. Peru have not won the tournament since 1975 and look forward to taking advantage of their recent World Cup campaign. While the Venezuelans came from a 3-0 victory over the United States in search of their first Copa America title this time.

Venezuela is looking at this game with great hopes and is aiming to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 2022. It is the only team in South America that has not won the World Cup. With many recent improvements, this may be your time to shine in America’s Cup.

Peru, the South American champion twice, is looking to build a promising appearance in the World Cup, where France has pushed to the final. They will have Paulo Guerrero again in the squad after suspending doping, which will help his team.

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